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PERSONALITY: Initially, Felix comes across as kind of a sweet guy. He’s a joker, maybe brash and overconfident at times, but he’s a good guy. The fella’s a mercenary, but he’s loyal to the people he’s hired on with. He can be someone to talk to, a friend, and gosh darn, it’s good to see him. He's competent at what he does and appraises situations well, leading the Reds and Blues out of danger.

He’s jovial and funny, but he can serious up when the situation calls for it. He might be a mercenary, but this guy has a kind of decent heart. Sort of. He's not holier than thou, and honestly, he often jokes with the other soldiers, and sometimes, he even messes up. Of course, there's the times when he'll throw a knife at some mook and look really cool by doing it. (He'll even say it, for dramatic effect.) Hell, he even took a bullet once for Washington.

That said, he's all about the money. Sure, it's a noble idea to really help these losers you know nothing about, but 'everyone has their price', as he explains to a soldier, early on who's trying to appeal to his moral authority. Somebody has to pay the piper, and he's not going to let it be him, especially not when he's just getting paid for this.

Granted, Felix cuts up with the rest, he can blend into any group pretty jovially. In fact, he's seen multiple times to saunter into a quasi-hostile group and saunter out with them laughing.

And *that's* when he stabs them in the back. See, you know, the beginning of season 13.

“At the end of the day, if I'm stronger than you and if I'm faster than you, then I can kill you!

And that's better than anything money can buy.”

Liar, scam artist, moneygrubber, and douchebag, these are all good ways to start describing him. Felix is a smart man with a lot of talent at his disposal, but he only chooses to use this in ways that put him forward. He’s cunning and manipulative, easily using people without a second thought. The thing is, he’s charming. He’ll be your best friend--all while waiting for the right opportunity to screw you over. He and Locus have made a career of scamming groups of people--they turned the population of Chorus against itself, destroying a planet's population in a pointless war for pure profit.

Felix loves being in control, he loves surviving. The thrill of killing, of betraying, and of succeeding in these plots makes him feel alive. He doesn’t seem to have any emotional connection to anyone else--his motivations are purely selfish and when he gets denied what he wants, he becomes enraged.

He got shown up by the Reds and Blues and that bastard has *still* not let it go. They caught him in the middle of monologuing and made a fool of him--and honestly, Felix will stop at nothing to get them back.

Felix’s anger burns quick and hot, because hell hath no fury like an egomaniac scorned. He wants nothing more than to destroy the object of his ire--though he’s definitely willing to shelve it for another day if the plan means he’ll get his later on. If it’s not resolved fast, though, it’s sure to melt into something cold and bitter, deep. His lust for revenge is a thorough one.

He’s not a blindly loyal man to the people signing his checks, and he’s certainly no fool. He’s shown often to question his superiors, and honestly, push to manipulate them even when he’s in the thick of it. Felix will always do what’s best for Felix, because honestly, that’s the only person he cares about.

Granted, he’s got a partner, Locus, and Locus’s reticent, serious attitude tends to balance out Felix’s flamboyant and, not to mince words, shitty attitude. Still, Locus isn’t one to ‘control’ Felix, and Felix isn’t cowed by him, or anyone. They work together; it’s an honest partnership. Locus is probably one of the only people Felix can actually trust--at least, in the sense that he finds him able. He can certainly trust idiots to do their job.

Felix’s major downfall is absolutely his pride. His ego is large, he thinks he’s amazing, it’s awful. He genuinely believes he’s better, so it brings about arrogance and bravado, boasting and tons of showboating. He loves the sound of his own voice more than most anything (aside from offing fools that are below him, but, you know.) Granted, it’s also a huge source of his motivation as well--his drive for being the best pushes him along at a brutal clipping pace.

Besides his prideful nature, Felix is also pretty greedy. The thing he loves next to himself is probably money, profit, et al. He’s a merc for a reason, y’know? All about the almighty dollar. This is something he’s even okay with revealing in his ‘fake’ kind of face--he does what he does for money, though the true extent of it is definitely masked. This is what he does for power. His employer dangles a pretty hefty reward in front of him (and a very thinly veiled threat) and Felix shapes the fuck up, even putting aside that previously-mentioned grudge. Still, it's more his survivalism pushing him ahead rather than the greed. It's all about Him, after all.

Felix’s lack of a moral center doesn’t deter him from being at least… halfway considerate, sometimes. He remarks to Locus (who’s already an efficient killer) that he should ‘make it quick’ with a soldier Felix had previously worked with, because they were ‘friends’. It’s an entirely unnecessary remark, maybe made to mock the soldier in question, sure, but there’s also the fact it’s an uncharacteristic mercy he’s laid out. He’s not human, but even he can grow fond of people.

That said, sexually, we’re never given anything about Felix that points to a lack of or a push for sexual desire. Surely, he’s a hedonist and that would definitely tie to sexuality as well, but with Felix, it’s a purely physical thing. His nature doesn’t leave room for any kind of emotion like that. The only thing that could honestly manifest akin to ‘affection’ would be some sort of obsession, and given Felix’s egomania, there’s no greater obsession than himself, so. Good luck there, I guess.